Kim Marie Custom Wedding Ceremonies



Kim with a happy couple

Kim with a happy couple

I believe your ceremony should be the most important part of your wedding day and I hope you do too!  After all, it is the main reason and sole purpose your family and friends are gathered – to see you become one as you exchange wedding vows.  You want it to be extraordinary and memorable and it is critical that you hire a professional to achieve your goal.

If you had the following choices and they were both free of charge, who would you choose?

  1.  A Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant, experienced Wedding Officiant, who is an expert in rituals and traditions, rich in the language of love.
  2.  An inexperienced Officiant who has little or nothing to offer.

You would choose the Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant of course!

So let me ask you this….why would you pay for something you didn’t even want for free?

Hiring an experienced Wedding Officiant is worth every dime.  Your ceremony will be something you will cherish forever and one people will reflect on with great admiration for years to come.

My fees for a full-service, customized wedding range from $550 – $850, depending on complexity, location, and need for rehearsal.

I understand not everyone wants a full service ceremony.  Please contact me for rates on a simple but elegant ceremony or for your vow renewal!