Kim Marie Custom Wedding Ceremonies

About Kim Marie

Kim Marie

As a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®, Kim is educated in the history (traditions and cultures, philosophies and beliefs), creation (interviewing and writing), and performance (choreography and design) of wedding vow and ceremony planning.  She is an expert ritual maker.

Kim’s focus is purely on the wedding ceremony for which she and the couple create together a highly personal vision for a union ceremony to include symbols, rituals and traditions to honor that couples unique set of beliefs.

The demand for celebrants is growing.  People from all walks of life are looking for ways to honor their own special set of beliefs and unique background mix in their wedding ceremony.  Also, several leading surveys show that North Americans who do not consider themselves affiliated with any organized, traditional religion has risen dramatically in the last 10-year period.

Kim is a graduate of  The Celebrant Foundation & Institute.  Begun in 2001, the foundation is a non-profit educational organization specializing in the training of celebrants.  She is also a member of the North American Chapter of the International Federation of Celebrants, as one of 400 certified Life-Cycle Celebrants® practicing in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Western Europe.  They preside over 3000 ceremonies per year, mostly weddings.